Wall Hamstring Stretch

A Step by Step Guide for the Wall Hamstring Stretch

Wall Hamstring Stretch Video Transcript

To perform our wall stretches, we’re going to be against the wall. I’m going to sit next to the wall first, then I’m going to rotate my body. I’m going to lay back and rotate my legs against the wall. So I dictate the stretch here. If this is too much of a hamstring stretch, I can scoot away from the wall like so. Just slowly inch away. So first, we’re going to do our hamstring stretch. So knees are going to be straight. I’m going to hold my legs against the wall. If this is not enough of a stretch, you’re going to bring your heel towards your toe. Second one we’re going to do is an adductor stretch. So I’m going to drop one leg on the wall, stretching my adductor. Then we’re going to do a figure four stretch. So I’m going to cross my leg like I’m reading a newspaper in a four position, and then slightly push my knee towards the wall.

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