Cat Cow Exercise

Step by Step Guide

Video Transcript

To do a cat-cow mobility exercise, we’re going to start in quadruped. We’re going to make sure that our wrists are directly underneath our shoulders. Our knees are directly underneath our hips, and we’re also shoulder width apart between the hands and the knees.

We’re going to start with cat. So like a scared alley cat, we’re going to arch our spine towards the ceiling, tuck our tail in between our legs, and then tuck our chin to our chest.

To do the cow, we’re going to do the opposite. So we start with the pelvis. Rotate the pelvis up towards the ceiling, belly to the floor, chest in between the shoulder blades, head goes up, like so.

All right. We’re going to go back and forth, and you just hold for two seconds on each, just like so.