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Our Passion
During high school and college, Dr. Pat had to endure many injuries, several of which were season ending. He also experienced an injury so severe that made it so that I couldn’t even play with his children for two years. The pain, frustration, and disappointment he experienced during that time was burned into his soul. Dr. Pat knows what it feels like to not be able to do the things that you want to do. He and his staff have the knowledge, training and tools to be able to help others that are having that same experience right now and they want to help those individuals in any way that they can.

What makes us unique amongst other Chiropractor Canton Ohio Professionals?
One of the things that we pride ourselves in is that we give our patients an exceptional experience on every visit! When people come into our office, they are in pain which takes a toll on them mentally, physically, and emotionally. We want to make their transition from being in pain to becoming pain-free as fun as we possibly can!

Our office is a hybrid of chiropractic, soft tissue treatment, and rehabilitation. We have taken the best of each of these approachs of care and developed an approach that allows us to get consistent results FAST. We use the most advanced methods of diagnosis with the most effective methods of treatment and rehabilitation to provide a service unlike anything else in health care.

Our company consists of a group of talented individuals that we have trained to quickly and effectively treat people that are in pain. We are a chiropractic office but we don’t use a “traditional” chiropractic approach. In our office we focus on movement and biomechanics to restore function which allows us to determine the root cause of pain for our patients. We also place a heavy emphasis on patient education so that we can provide our patients with the knowledge and tools to be able to take care of themselves. Our goal is to get our patients out of pain, moving pain free as quickly as possible, help them develop proper movement patterns, all while giving them knowledge and tools to be able to take care of themselves. Then we kick them out the door! We have a saying in our office, “No news is GOOD news!”

What’s Next?
If you are an individual that is experiencing pain, I’d like you to give our Chiropractor Canton Ohio team the opportunity to show you how we can provide you with a tangible result that you can feel on your first visit. When we explain what we do and our approach to treating our patients to the public, people nod their heads and say that understand but in reality that are think that we do is traditional chiropractic or massage therapy. We have learned over the years that people need to experience the difference to truly understand the power of our approach and how quickly it will benefit you all while giving you the knowledge and tools you need to take care of yourself so we don’t need to see you in the future.

Head on over to our contact us page to book an appointment and give us the opportunity to let you “Feel the Difference!”

Doctor and Company History

Pat McBrearty, D.C., ART
Dr. Pat was a very active individual in high school and college and he unfortunately had to endure several injuries. Fortunately he had a chiropractor in his family growing up. Dr. Pat had been having knee problems and went to visit family in Arkansas where his uncle was a chiropractor. He treated Dr. Pat three times and afterward he had no pain in his knees. The idea of helping people this way sparked a passion in Dr. Pat that continues to burn to this day.

Our Chiropractor Canton Ohio Story
We opened our practice in Canton, Ohio in 2007. Canton was where Dr. Pat went to high school and college, so when Dr. Pat graduated chiropractic college, he wanted to come back and help the community that gave so much to him. Dr. Pat learned early in my chiropractic journey that Dr. Pat didn’t have the same philosophy as many of my chiropractic friends. He realized that chiropractic was an incredible tool, but it wasn’t the only tool. During his schooling, Dr. Pat was introduced to Active Release Techniques, a method of diagnosing and treating the soft tissue of the body, which has become his number one tool in his treatment tool box. Dr. Pat has also learned a number of other techniques and how to use other tools that allow him and his staff to treat the majority of soft tissue injuries quickly and effectively. Over the years, we have developed our reputation by achieving consistent results with our patients. It has been through these consistent results that we have been able to gain the confidence and trust of our patients and the community.

Dr. Pat is a product of Canton, Ohio, growing up in the Plain Township area. While attending high school and college he accumulated many athletic accolades that included being selected Second Team All-Ohio in Soccer, becoming the High School and Stark County record holder in the Pole Vault, and being awarded honorable mention All-Conference all four years he attended college at Walsh University. Throughout his athletic career, Dr. Pat had many season ending injuries. It was from these experiences that he learned about chiropractic and decided to become a chiropractor. His goal was to give injured and discouraged individuals hope and get them back on the field as quickly as possible.

In 2002, Dr. Pat began his chiropractic education at New York Chiropractic College. While attending, he was a member of the Dean’s List and was selected to participate in an internship at the Veterans Affairs Memorial Hospital in Buffalo, New York. While in Buffalo, Dr. Pat was a member of the medical staff for the Buffalo Gladiators, a semi-professional football team, the Buffalo Bandits, a professional Lacrosse team, and the National Taekwondo Championships. In March, 2005, Dr. Pat graduated from New York Chiropractic College.

On January 2, 2007, Dr. Pat established McBrearty Family & Sport Chiropractic. He has treated patients of all shapes and sizes varying from the weekend warrior to the professional athlete. Using his knowledge of Chiropractic, Active Release Techniques®, Graston Technique®, Kinesiotaping®, Functional taping, Function Cupping, rehabilitative stretches, strengthening exercises, and nutrition, he has been helping patients become active and well, one patient at a time.

Dr. Pat is also the founder and developer of Move Well. Feel Good. This rehabilitation and maintenance program is designed for patients and the public. The Move Well. Feel Good. Program was developed in the spirit of giving people the knowledge and tools that they need to be able to take care of themselves. Dr. Pat will tell you that he “wished he had these tools around when he was in high school and college because they could have prevented several injuries from ever occurring.”

Dr. Pat uses a multidisciplinary approach to caring for the patient by working with other medical professionals (Primary Care Physicians, Orthopedists, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Massage Therapists) to provide the highest quality of care for his patients. He utilizes evidence based methods of Chiropractor Canton Ohio care to provide the patient with the most effective treatment so that they are able to become well in the shortest period of time possible.

Dr. Pat has traveled to several events and has provided ART® at several races in Stark and Summit Counties, including the Jackson Night Glow 5K, the Green YMCA Caribbean 5K/10K, the Louisville St. Patrick’s Day 5K, the Plain Township Rotary Great Pumpkin Run, the Akron Marathon, the Pro Football Hall of Fame Marathon, and the Stark County Cross Country and Track and Field Championships.

​Dr. Pat is married to his beautiful wife Stephanie and they have four beautiful children, Patrick, Lennon, Teddie, and Baby Jude! He will be the first to tell you what an exciting time this has been for his family.

Still an avid soccer player, Dr. Pat enjoys any activity that gets him up and moving. Dr. Pat has participated in several triathlons, half-marathons, and over the past year he has enjoyed learning about CrossFit and Orange Theory. Dr. Pat is proud to have established his practice in Canton, OH and Plain Township and takes pride in having the opportunity to give back to both communities.

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