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Dr. McBrearty, it has been a pleasure receiving ART treatments from you along with talking sports and Walsh College. There are many good stories to tell after treatments for the entire family. Jen for her therapy career, Mike with his career and golf and Cathy and I for everything. As you know golf has been on the back burner for the past several years due to shoulder surgery. Finally last fall I ventured out again after several 2x week ART treatments and played my best round ever at Alliance CC. Only to suffer a setback with a wrist injury. Then the ultimate comeback of all time occurred last night. After my 3rd session with you to regain motion in my left wrist. I finally had my 1st hole in one – #18 at Alliance CC. Almost to be duplicated the same night by Cathy. So thanks again for all that you have done for us and will continue to do so in the future.

Dr. McBrearty, I want to thank you for all that you’ve done for me. Through every season I needed your help at one time or another and you were able to pinpoint my problem and fix it. Even though we have our differences (Glen Oak/Jackson) you show every athlete sincere care that you would show your own child. You better believe I’ll be back for a visit or two when I return from NC State! Thanks again!

Dr. McBrearty has changed my life! I no longer have the aches and pains I once had. I’ve been to many other doctors with no success. His ART technique really works! It releases the tightness in my body and helps me go about the day. Go to this doctor with the utmost confidence. You won’t be disappointed.

I signed up online for my first appointment. It was fast, easy and convenient!

Very prompt and professional. I scheduled an appointment online for one of my daughters and they managed to squeeze in my other daughter at the same time. I will definitely go back again.

Dr. McBrearty is one of the few soft tissue specialists not only in our area, but in the state of Ohio. We are very fortunate to have such a passionate person in the area. Every problem that I have encountered with training for triathlons and marathons, Doc diligently found the cause and the solution. He continues to help athletes of all ages stay healthy and reach their individual goals.

Dr. McBrearty really cares about his patients and is willing to go the extra mile to meet their needs. I will definitely recommend him to my family and friends.

I have been under Dr. McBrearty’s care since January of 2008. My pain was severe when I first started my visits to MFSC and I feared that surgery would surely be in my future. I was overjoyed when Doc explained the treatment plan and assured me that aggressive chiropractic care would be of benefit to me. He was absolutely correct as his plan of action is the ONLY relief I could find. God Bless

Doc and MFSC; truly worthy in all areas of pain management! Simply the best I have ever dealt with!!!!!

I have only had one appointment to date, but, I am very impressed and quite satisfied. The staff is professional and courteous. Dr. McBrearty took his time and thoroughly evaluated my case. He devised an aggressive treatment plan and followed up my appointment with a personal phone call. What’s not to like! I’ll be back for my next appointment soon!

I am very thankful that I feel much better after my appointment My problem was diagnosed, and the treatment was helpful immediately. There were also some treatments that were suggested that I do at home which have been helpful.

Booking appointments online, smiling faces w/ top of the line customer service, patient care that is precise and designed for the needs of each individual. These qualities are just the tip of the iceberg when visiting McBrearty Family & Sport Chiropractic Clinic. I have had only 2 appointments and I am made to feel like I am part of the family! Thanks to the Doc & his exceptional staff as well!

My compliments and gratitude to Doc and the staff at the clinic. Greatly and professionally and quickly helped a very sore shoulder, huge improvement quickly! Thanks so much!

Dr. McBrearty addressed the problem straight from the beginning and explained my injury clearly. He is extremely personable, as well as his staff. Being an elite distance runner and having qualified for the ’12 Olympic Trials, I feel like I’m in great hands and trust his expertise!

I have seen Dr. McBrearty twice now and he does an amazing job, the first time I thought it was a miracle, and I will continue to see him and recommend him to my friends and family.

I was scared to death of chiropractors. I even told the gang my 1st day that I would rather be at a Dentist’s office. Doc McBrearty was comforting and hilarious. He made me comfortable and fixed my pain. He also promised not to use voodoo dolls or chickens during my appointments.

I have had nothing but great experiences at McBrearty’s Chiropractic. Every time I call, and it is usually on short notice, they have ALWAYS tried to accommodate my needs. When walking in, you are greeted with such kindness and enthusiasm…and this only continues when you are in the office with Dr. McBrearty. He is so personable, listens to what problems you are having, and caters to your needs. I could not ask for a better Doc!

Dr. Pat really listened and understood my needs. He is helping me be the healthiest person I can be and reach my goals for wellness. I really appreciate his help.

I waited too long for my first appointment. After nearly three years, I have returned for treatment long over due! I feel fantastic again! Thanks so much.

Dr. Pat and his staff are outstanding. They are very friendly, caring, professional, and make you feel at home. Dr. Pat is the best around and I would and have recommended him to anyone that is looking for a chiropractor. His techniques and methods are second to none. You will definitely enjoy the experience.

The office is very friendly and helpful. They all care about your treatment. Dr. McBrearty is awesome! Caring and helps put you at ease. Explains what is happening and what I need to do, using lay people language! Recommend this office!

Dr. Pat is very thorough and addresses all pain! He takes a complete look at your whole body and makes sure to listen to all of your issues. Wonderful visit!

My visit to Dr. McBrearty went very well. He really cares about his patients and was very professional and thorough. I have gone to other chiropractors in the past but I have finally found one that I have complete trust in.

All around, this is a great clinic with an experienced and caring staff. I’ve gone to Dr. McBrearty for Chiropractic work and last year my wife bought me a massage package. I always feel like my well being is first in their minds. Highly recommended for those with neck or back issues. I’m so happy I found McBrearty Family and Sport Chiropractic.

After a fall on the ice in December 2007, I was introduced to Dr. McBrearty and his staff and he treated my various injuries. Not only is he a warm and caring person, he is most likely the most proactive health care provider I have ever met. He is truly a man who is passionate about helping people feel better and I am positive that he is the ONLY reason I was able to make any progress at all. He can diagnose so many ailments and treat them in a way that produces results and well being. Great guy!

Do you have a testimonial you would like to share? If so, please send your testimonial to our office via email at pmcbreaty@yourartdoc.com. We appreciate you taking the time to write about your experience here at MFSC. Thanks again!

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