Step by Step Guide

Video Transcript

To perform a prisoner stretch, we’re going to put our hand behind our back. So we’re standing up nice and tall, bring our shoulder blade down and back as far as we can. I’m going to tilt my ear to my shoulder like. So I don’t want to teapot my body, I don’t want to lean. Just move my head and neck, my ear to my shoulder.

So some basic rules of stretching. First, and most importantly, it’s important that you don’t push past pain. If you experience any sharpness whatsoever, you’re actually tearing the tissue and you’re going to do damage. So don’t push past the pain.

When you’re doing the stretch, you can hold it for 15 seconds all the way to a minute. As you’re doing the stretch, when you hit an end point, breathe. As you exhale, try and feel the tissue let go and unwind and get a deeper stretch. That’s going to allow you to increase your range of motion. If you follow these rules, you’ll see the difference.