Step by Step Guide

Video Transcript

To perform the 6-Way Neck, we’re going to do 6 directions with the neck. We always want to start nice and tall with our posture, shoulder blades down and back, head neutral, meaning that our ear lobes are over our collarbones. We’re not protruded forward. We’re nice in the stacked position. 6 directions, first one is going to go up towards the ceiling. We’re going to bring our chin up towards the ceiling like so. Right? I’m not folding the neck. I’m actually reaching my chin towards the ceiling. The next one is chin to chest. I’m going to reach my chin down towards my chest. That’s 2. 3 is you’re going to turn your chin towards your shoulder. I’m trying to look straight, directly rotated my head towards my collarbone. Do both sides there. That’s 3 and 4, and 5 and 6 are lateral flexion. You’re going to bring your ear towards your collarbone. You’re going to go straight over like you’re trying to get water out of your ear, both directions. That’s 5 and 6. That’s 6-Way Neck.

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