After working out it’s pretty common that you have achiness and soreness that may last for a couple of days. You may walk around like a zombie or Woody from Toy Story as a result of this pain and soreness. It’s important that you take the proper steps to take care of your body after these hard workouts to cause this achiness and soreness. A local Canton family Chiropractic office, McBrearty Soft Tissue, and Sport Chiropractic have the ability to not only treat the symptoms you are experiencing but the knowledge to teach each patient how to keep themselves moving well and feeling good. 

There are a variety of self-massage tools and stretches that can be done on a consistent basis that can actually make you feel good and recover faster after your hard workouts. You can take anything from a rolling pin or your own hand to work out the lactic acid and soreness that accumulates in your muscle tissue. But as you begin to do this, it’s important to know that the right tool for the right area will provide you with the best result. An important concept is understanding if the tissue that you’re working through is thick or thin. What we are referring to is, that if you are working through a forearm, the thickness of muscle tissue will be a lot thinner than if you were working through the buttock. The thickness of the tissue determines what will be the most effective tool for that area. 

Another concept you must consider is the shape of the structure that you are self-massaging. If you are working through a generally flat area, then using a flat tool will be effective. You are working through a rounded area, you will want to use a rounded tool or a tool that allows you to work through the contour of the rounded structure. By taking this approach to choosing the correct tool for the structures you were self-massaging you effectively determine the best tool for that area. Another concept that you want to think about is how deep you need to work through the tissue to effectively treat the tissue. If the structures that you are self-massaging are thick and you need to be able to get deep to effectively work the entire structure, you’ll need a tool that is larger and round because this will allow you to sink through the entire depth of the structure as well as give you the ability to work through the area with greater specificity. 

As you can see there are very simple things you need to consider when you are determining what tool will be the best tool for you to use as. Be sure to make sure you have not just one but several tools at your disposal. We usually recommend this simple combination to have when you are starting your post-workout recovery. This combination includes a lacrosse ball, a peanut or two lacrosse balls that click together, a foam roller, and/or Rollga. As the highest and most reviewed Canton family chiropractic office, we have every tool necessary to expedite each patient’s recovery, at our disposal. Call the best Canton family chiropractic office, McBrearty Soft Tissue, and Sport Chiropractic, to start your recovery process! The phone number to call is 330- 491-0381.