Many people ask, what does a sports chiropractor do, and how are they different from a regular chiropractor when I have a sports injury? Many chiropractors treat the general population and just try to get them pain-free as quickly as possible. If you’re suffering from a sports injury and want to know what does a sports chiropractor do, you can call our office for more information at 330-491-0381 or visit our website at Our office takes it so much further than just getting you pain-free and although we treat the general population, we love to see athletes in our office because we are athletes ourselves and find we relate rather well to those individuals. 

At McBrearty Chiropractic, patients frequently visit because they have the question, what does a sport chiropractor do? Because they have suffered from some sort of sports injury, they know that the treatment we have to offer is going to help them not only get out of pain quickly and be able to return to their activity. But we do not only focus on pain and return to play, our main focus is to educate the patient on how to treat themselves in hopes to prevent them from getting another injury. 

You will receive an exam and a diagnosis that is directly specific to your injury and the way your body works. The chiropractor will then perform the ART (Active Release Technique) treatment on the soft tissue involved. Then you will receive a manipulation on the spine and or affected joint. After your visit with the chiropractor, you will be educated in our physical therapy and recovery room with our rehabilitation specialists. With them, you will learn how to foam roll, stretch and perform exercises that will allow you to treat your body effectively on your own as well as prevent injury from occurring again. The rehab specialists provide you with the tools, resources and knowledge in hopes that you will not have to return to our office for treatment and you’re able to care for yourself at home. 

After using our rehab and recovery room, you will be given some sort of modality treatment that will continue to be focused on the optimal healing of your injury. You’re also able to come in and use our equipment as prevention or recovery help any time that you want without even needing to see the chiropractor first. 

What does a sports chiropractor does for my sports injury can be answered in just one visit to our office as well as a phone call at 330-491-0381 or visit our website at We will send you home pain-free and with plenty of information and knowledge to continue to keep your body pain-free and also prevent any injury from occurring in the future. We believe that when you leave our office, no news is good news!