One of the most common calls we receive are patients looking for a chiropractor whose specialty is treating low back pain. If you are suffering from chronic or severe low back pain you need to call the best chiropractor in Ohio now at 330-491-0381 or visit our website at so that way we can book you an appointment. Then we can put a treatment plan together for you. Please, do not be discouraged if you have not been able to find luck with other chiropractors. We do not specialize in luck, rather we specialize in doing the right thing the right way. We look forward to helping you get off the couch and back in the game. 

Low back pain makes it hard to sleep, do things around the house, or even physically work out. So if you are experiencing chronic severe low back pain it is obviously recommended that you should see a healthcare professional as soon as possible. That’s where McBrearty Soft Tissue and Sport Chiropractic comes into play. At our office, our goal and mission is to get you better, but if we feel that your condition is beyond treatment in our office we will not hesitate to refer you to get an MRI or x-ray. Most if not almost all cases of low back pain that come through our office are treated in the house. However, every once in a while there is a case that we need a second opinion on. As the best chiropractor in Ohio, and most definitely the best chiropractor in the Stark County area, we pride ourselves on getting people out of pain as quickly as possible without using drugs. We do not believe in people getting relief with drugs from their doctor to mask the pain. Our belief is that you should be careful of what you take because it can severely and drastically change how you move when you’re on them which could do more damage if you are moving more aggressively than your body would like you to move. 

Believe it or not, pain can be a very intricate part of the healing process because it can stop you from going outside of your body’s comfort zone. Experiencing the pain can stop you from doing something that could eventually make your pain worse. So if you are taking a lot of pain medications please contact us so that we can help provide you with some additional safety options. 

Arguably the biggest reason most people experience back pain on a daily basis is due to the fact that we sit with poor mechanics and posture. Poor posture in the act of sitting down can shut down the necessary muscles, sometimes preventing you from the ability to stand tall. That is why we recommend that people take small breaks after sitting in a chair for 40 minutes or so. Breaking up the act of continually sitting has actually been one of the biggest and most effective pieces of advice we have been able to educate our patients with over the years. 

We look forward to you scheduling an appointment with the best chiropractor in Ohio at McBrearty Soft Tissue and Sport Chiropractic in the stark county area. To book an appointment please visit us online at or by calling us at 330-491-0381.