Many young athletes and their parents frequently question, can chiropractors give sports physicals and what is the process of a sports physical? The answer to this question is yes, Chiropractors can perform them and McBrearty Soft Tissue and Sport Chiropractic do. If you are in need of a physical, Please contact our office at 330-491-0381 or visit our website to make an appointment at 

When an athlete decides to participate in a sport or physical activity, most of the time sports physical is required to ensure the health and safety of the participant involved. This allows athletic trainers, team doctors, coaches, teammates, and other staff personnel to know if you have some sort of medical condition they should be aware of in case something were to happen while at practice or during a game. If you’re questioning, can chiropractors give sports physicals, the answer to that question is yes? Chiropractors as well as other licensed medical practitioners, can in fact perform a physical for athletes and for individuals who have physically demanding jobs that their company may require.

 Can chiropractors perform sports physicals and what is the process of the physical? If this physical is through a club, high school, college, or university, there will be an Ohio sports participation exam form online that the patient or their caregiver is responsible to fill out. This part is for the doctor to know the medical history of that patient, any conditions they have, surgeries they have had done, medications they may be taking, family medical history etc. Next, the athlete will schedule an appointment with the doctor. They will bring that paper into the office when their scheduled appointment time has come and give it to the chiropractor to continue filling out the next part’s information.

 Once the athlete has come for their appointment with their paperwork completed, the doctor will call you back to the office to take vitals. He/she will likely take your pulse, blood pressure, record your height and weight as well as review your medical history that you brought into the office. Once the doctor has recorded the vitals, he/she will do a physical exam that consists of checking your heart, vision, hearing, mobility, and strength. Sometimes, if there is a medical history to do so, he/she may check urine or blood sugar. Assuming there are no red flags and the athlete presents as healthy, the Chiropractor will release the athlete for participation, sign their document stating such, and the athlete will then take that back to the school for the team to have on file.

 If you are wondering can chiropractors give sports physicals and you were curious about the process of a sports physical, hopefully, this document helped ease some concerns. If you find that you have more questions or you would like to schedule your sports physical today call us at 330-491-0381 or you can schedule online at .