Have you struggled to find an Ohio sports chiropractic office that is experienced and capable of treating tennis elbow? If this sounds like you, then please contact our office, McBrearty Soft Tissue & Sport Chiropractic by phone at 330-491-0381 or by visiting our online website at www.yourartdoc.com. Let us provide you with the care, knowledge, and treatment that will allow you to get back on the tennis court as soon as possible.

At McBrearty Soft Tissue & Sport Chiropractic, we encounter many tennis players with injuries. However, out of all the injuries we’ve seen, the tennis elbow is arguably the most prevalent tennis injury in our office. One of the reasons for that is the lack of tennis courts we have in Northeast Ohio. Since most tennis players cannot find a tennis court to practice at year-round, most of their training comes in a shorter period of time, consisting of a lot of volumes. Going from not training or playing tennis at all, to full throttle, increases your chance of getting an overuse injury. However, if these tennis players were to space their training out over the course of the year, a large block of training might not have the same negative effect as it currently would. That is why we always encourage tennis players to methodically increase their training a small percentage at a time.

Another reason for so many tennis elbow injuries in our office is because of how popular we’ve become at treating Sports injuries in Northeast, Ohio. Stark County, Ohio has over 20 high schools in our county. So we have a large population that is in need of treatment and rehabilitation for sports injuries. Our clinic is arguably the best Ohio sports chiropractic office in the area with wonderful patients who are willing to talk about their treatment firsthand. In fact, our patient intake has never been higher and this is due to the love patients show us by spreading the word about the excellent treatment in our office. If you are reading this and are a former patient we want to thank you for your continued support and love for McBrearty Soft Tissue & Sport Chiropractic team as your Ohio sports chiropractic clinic. 

Lastly, our office is experienced and efficient at treating overuse injuries such as tennis elbow. I can promise you that there is not another office in the area that treats tennis elbow injuries the same as our office. Our office and team members are experienced in treating sports injuries because everyone in our office is an athlete or is a former athlete. So if you think that we might not understand the pain you are experiencing, think again. If you are hesitant about walking into our office please contact us with any questions that you may have so that we can make the next couple steps of your healthcare experience special. We look forward to meeting you in person.

If you have struggled to find the best Ohio sports chiropractic clinic, please reach out to our office in regards to treating your tennis elbow, or any other injury! You can schedule an appointment with us online at www.yourartdoc.com or by calling us at 330-491-0381.