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There are many approaches an individual can take when stretching or lengthening your muscles. At our office, we do not have a singular approach when stretching the human body. At our office you will learn that is not just about what you know, it’s how you apply what you know. Our belief is that it doesn’t matter if you know what to do if you don’t know the right way to do it. So in teaching you how to stretch, we will be sure to teach you the correct way to do it.

Stretching is important because it allows your body to lengthen and shorten particular muscle groups that need to go through their full range of motion. Whether you are running for a touchdown on the football field or running from your child in the backyard, a full range of motion throughout your body is essential when moving in an open space. Many individuals believe they have the proper range of motion for their everyday activities, but that cannot be further from the truth. One of the reasons chiropractors and doctors stay in business is because people neglect to move their bodies in an intentional manner.

Many individuals know that stretching can be the difference between staying healthy or being injured. Now, this is not always the case because everyone is built differently. However, we do believe this applies to the majority of individuals who live either an active or sedentary lifestyle. Exercising does not exempt you from needing to stretch, nor does sitting at a desk all day. Both lifestyles put the body in a position where particular muscles need to be stretched. If you are reading this and you have already fallen into either lifestyle category, please reach out to the best chiropractor in Ohio at our office by calling  330-491-0381 or visit our website at

At McBrearty Soft Tissue & Sport Chiropractic we do not teach the same stretching routine to all of our patients. Depending on your background and what you do on a daily basis, will determine what you will be taught in our office. We have stretching routines for before your workout, after your workout, after you get done sitting in a car or desk for hours, or even for when you wake up in the morning. We do not believe in the one shoe fits all approach, so we encourage all patients to communicate in an extensive and thorough manner to ensure that the right stretching routines are taught to them. Our education process is only useful if we create an open dialogue that allows you to open up about what you feel and when you feel it.

Please choose our office when searching for the best chiropractor in Ohio, so that way our office can teach you the proper stretching routines then applies those to your everyday life. Please contact us on our website at or contact us at 330-491-0381 for more information.