Many runners with shin splints feel defeated when an injury like this occurs and may seek help from a sports chiropractor. It’s an injury that no one wants to be diagnosed with because they can take a while to heal and oftentimes are so painful the athlete is forced to sit out of their activity for an extended period of time to heal. But, runners with shin splints could see a sports chiropractor such as McBrearty Chiropractic to help with this injury in hopes that you can heal quicker and not have to stop doing what you love. If you are a runner or any athlete that thinks you might need to see a sports chiropractor for an issue such as this, call our office at 330-491- 0381 or visit us at 

What is a shin splint? A shin splint is called Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome which is an overuse injury that causes stress and pain in your tibia or shin bone from inflamed or damaged tissue that connects to your tibia. Many times this can be a result of weakness in your surrounding muscles, flat feet or arch issues, wrong or old footwear, running surface, and doing the same activity repetitively until pain occurs. It is important to figure out the exact cause of what is causing the tissue to become injured so that we can work to resolve the issue with treatment, new shoe ware or whatever might need to be done to minimize the occurrence of the injury. 

In order to treat this pain, many people are forced to take some time off to let the inflamed muscles heal and work on strengthening the muscles involved so that shin splints do not occur again. This is where a sports chiropractor can be particularly effective in helping to diagnose the issue, treat the affected tissue, and provide exercises and education to prevent this from occurring again. By seeing a sports chiropractor you may learn some ways to treat your condition without having to give up time from your activity. 

At our office, we administer ART to the injured area to break up the adhesions that have formed in that tissue and help to open the lymphatic drainage channels to decrease swelling. Once we have cleaned up the tissue, we will reinforce the treatment with foam rolling, self-massage techniques that can be done at home. We will also provide that patient with exercises that will strengthen the muscles so that athletes will hopefully not have to come back to our office again because they will no longer have to worry about having a shin splint. 

If you are a runner with shin splints and think you could benefit from seeing a sports chiropractor you should give us a call to help you fix the issue quickly and for good! Our office can be reached at 330-491-0381 or you can schedule an appointment online at We look forward to helping you get pain-free quickly while teaching you to prevent that pain and injury from occurring again.