If you happen to be looking for soft tissue therapy near me… Look no further. One of the most common misconceptions that people have about our office is that we are a traditional chiropractic office. We are a hybrid of soft tissue therapy, Chiropractic, and Rehabilitation wrapped up all in one location and provided on every service. This unique approach allows us to be able to treat a large variety of conditions that many people do not realize is even available to them. 

One of the most surprising things that we consistently hear in our office is “ I can’t believe you guys can actually treat foot pain!” One of the most common conditions that we see this time of year is plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of the tissue in the foot known as the plantar fascia. This tissue is on the bottom of your foot and connects to many muscles along this area. One of the most common complaints that a person has when they are experiencing this condition is heel pain. The reason for this is that when the muscles of the bottom of the foot become very tight, the location where the muscles attached to the heel becomes very sensitive due to the increased amount of tension that builds from the tightness within these muscles. As these muscles become very tight they start to pull on the outer tissue of the bone known as the periosteum. As you can imagine, pulling a layer of tissue off the bone can be incredibly painful and sensitive. 

When looking for soft tissue near me you must see our office, we are able to quickly and effectively treat this tissue by providing both soft tissue treatment and chiropractic treatment in this area. Two of the more effective tools that we use to treat this painful condition are Active Release Techniques and Graston techniques. By using these two very effective soft tissue tools we are able to loosen up the muscles on the bottom of the foot and decrease the tension where they attach to the heel bone thereby reducing pain in your foot. Treating the foot for this specific condition is not always going to provide a resolution. Knowing how the muscles in the lower leg in the footwork together is important to make sure that you have a lasting result when treating this condition. 

One of the more overlooked concepts with plantar fasciitis is that the root cause of this condition is commonly seen in the back of the lower leg. When the muscles of the back of the lower leg become tight, they will affect the muscles on the bottom of the foot causing a chain reaction that makes the muscles of the foot become irritated. This is irritating tissue then triggers the phases of healing which will result in the formation of Scar Tissue on the bottom of the foot. The scar tissue that makes the movement are the muscles in the bottom of the foot pain and will result in plantar fasciitis. 

Knowing how to effectively treat all of the variables that can cause plantar fasciitis is essential to making sure that you do not have pain moving forward. So when looking into soft tissue therapy near me check out our website www.yourartdoc.com and call to schedule an appointment with the best soft tissue chiropractors in Stark County!