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Proprioception, or feeling your body awareness in an open space, is very important when you consider your overall health. Many people fail to work on their balance or body awareness which leads to injuries down the line. In particular for adults fifty or older, having proprioception can be the difference between falling down and injuring yourself or being unsure and nervous to walk downstairs alone. It is a strength that is unfortunately overlooked and is often forgotten due to its lack of glamor. Not many people test or challenge themselves when it comes to standing on one leg for 60 seconds with their eyes closed or standing on a balancing pad. However, the population that does practice proprioception is athletes. Although, athletes don’t need to work on these types of skills at an early age because body awareness comes easier when you’re younger than when you’re older. Still, athletes put exercises in their reign to ensure a competitive advantage against other teams or competitors.

One exercise tool that athletes such as basketball players, football players, baseball players, and tennis players use is a Bosu ball. A Bosu ball allows you to do a variety of different workouts while trying to keep your balance on top of the Bosu ball. In fact, not only can a Bosu ball help you with your balance it can also help you strengthen smaller muscles in your lower extremities. So if you are in need of a tool that will allow you to gain greater proprioception for your sport looks into buying a Bosu ball or balancing pad.

If you are past the days of competing in recreational sports, you should highly consider adding proprioception exercises to your workout routine. Your body’s awareness of open space is one of the features of the human body that goes downhill the fastest as you begin to age. Understanding how and why you are adding these exercises into your daily routine is a strength and advantage to combat the aging process. If you are unsure about trying and implementing these exercises yourself you are not alone. In fact, our team at McBrearty Soft Tissue & Sport Chiropractic trains individuals looking for body awareness improvement on a daily basis at the best chiropractor in Ohio.

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