Did you know that Ohio Sports Chiropractic care can help with headaches? If you are a person who suffers from headaches, we may be able to help you at McBreart Soft Tissue and Sport Chiropractic by providing you with a special treatment to reduce stress and tension in your muscles that could be causing your headache to occur. If you’re interested in finding out how we might be able to help you or to schedule an appointment, call our office at 330-491-0381 or you can check out our website at www.yourartdoc.com. 

Headaches can occur for many reasons but very commonly they can be muscle tension-related or stress-related. Ohio sports chiropractic treatments, like in our office, allow us to find the source of the tension present, figure out why tension is occurring, treat the affected muscle or tissue and then teach you how to care for yourself so you don’t have to deal with tension in your muscles and headaches any longer. 

Ohio sports chiropractic offices such as McBrearty Soft Tissue and Sport Chiropractic have many different treatment options for this issue. We like to approach tension causing headache symptoms by treating the muscles in the neck, mid-back and shoulder as this is commonly where stress is held and the tension occurs. We first apply the active release technique that is a soft tissue treatment that treats the muscles at a deep depth with applied resistance. This allows the muscles to “wake up” and work the way it is supposed to work. It can also assist in reducing inflammation and breaking up unwanted scar tissue in the affected area. 

If ART doesn’t do the trick, we offer Graston (a metal tool that “scrapes” the area to increase blood flow and break up adhesions), Cupping (suction cups used to draw out toxins and increase blood flow to the tissue), or dry needling (trigger point therapy). Once we are able to decrease the tension and create a better environment for the tissue to heal, we can then move on to reinforcing the tissue to stay stress/tension-free. We do this by providing self-massage techniques using a ball or foam roller. We also provide stretches and light exercises to hopefully prevent the next headache from occurring. 

Ohio sports chiropractic offices such as McBrearty Soft Tissue and Sport Chiropractic are trained to treat the condition but also educate you to treat yourself. If you think you’d like to learn more about treating your own body and also preventing a headache call our office at 330-491- 0381 or you can find us online at www.yourartdoc.com.