Are you looking for the right fit for your treatment from a Canton chiropractor? Here at McBrearty Soft Tissue and Sport Chiropractic, we can ensure that our wonderful office is the best place for you to visit. We are the highest and most reviewed chiropractor in Canton, Ohio. We love serving our amazing community and the surrounding areas. If you are wondering what it’s like to be a new patient here at our office, just know that we will treat you with the best customer service you’ve ever experienced. We specialize in Graston, functional movement taping, and patient education. We want to make sure that you are well taken care of in our offices. We can assure you that our services are the best services for you.

One of the amazing services that our most experienced Canton chiropractor has is the Graston Technique. This technique incorporates an instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization so that way our health care professionals can effectively detect and treat your scar tissue. How we do this technique is by separating and breaking down the collagen and cross-linked tissue by stressing the connective tissue and muscle fibers. This is a great way for us to be able to efficiently treat you. We have seen that this technique resolves 87% or more of all of the conditions treated. It is a highly effective technique that we are proud to provide for our patients.

With the best and most experienced Canton chiropractor here at our office, we also specialize in functional movement taping. This is a relatively new modality that we have adapted to our office. We look forward to helping our athletes and high mobility patients by providing this service for them. This is a great way for them to continue doing their activities and to feel good while doing them. We will tape the affected areas in a direction that helps this muscle group in the proper fashion. It is a wonderful service that we are also proud to offer our patients.

Here at McBrearty Soft Tissue and Spot Chiropractic, we also specialize in patient education. If you are wondering why a certain muscle group is not acting as it should, we will provide you with information on the best way to take care of your body. We will also give you different exercises that will be effective in using these muscle groups for the weeks and months to come. It is important that you get correct and accurate information from your local Canton chiropractor located here at McBrearty Chiropractic.

We specialize in many different areas of soft-tissue and sports chiropractic. We would love to get you into our office so that we can help you get back to the life that you love. We want to help your muscle groups and spinal area improve through our therapy. We hope that you visit our website through the new patient form at You can also give us a call at 330-491-0381 for more information and to set up an appointment with us. We look forward to meeting all of our new customers.