In track there is only one thing that matters, running fast! It doesn’t matter if you’re a sprinter or your long-distance runner, the clock is always the measure of how you are doing and if you have achieved your goals. Every runner wants to get faster, it’s just that simple. So what would you think if I told you that there are some chiropractors that can help you run faster? Would you even think this is possible? Ask yourself, is there a local chiropractor who specializes in soft tissue therapy near me? The answer is yes! At McBrearty Chiropractic, Dr. McBrearty and his staff are the go to Chiropractor that focus on many different things to enhance an athletes performance. 

The first thing that they look at, is if the muscles in your body are firing properly. The doctor’s at McBrearty Soft Tissue and Sport Chiropractic then correct the sequence to maximize the output and power of your body. By maximizing the output and power of your body, every stride that you take will allow you to have greater power and quickness, which then translates into speed. The second thing that Dr. McBrearty and his staff look at your bio mechanics. Biomechanics are an essential part of a runner’s ability to run with power and speed. The body needs to have an alternating pattern of mobility and stability throughout the joints of the body to create the proper recruitment that translates into speed and power. Biomechanics also refer to positioning of the bones and joints. Being sure that as you move, you are moving with clean lines and angles and that you are moving with the most amount of efficiency. Efficiency in running will lead to maximizing strength and speed as well as conserving energy for those long distance runners. These chiropractors in Canton Ohio are trained in evaluating your bio mechanics to determine if, and where, you have dysfunction in your body. By determining and identifying this dysfunction, Dr. McBrearty and his staff have the necessary skill set to be able to correct the dysfunction and reprogram the nervous system so that you can create the correct biomechanics which will maximize the output of your body. 

This chiropractic office is skilled in several different modalities. These modalities include active release technique, graston technique, functional cupping, rehabilitative exercises, functional taping, and dry needling. Being able to know when and how to effectively use these tools to correct poor biomechanics is what allows Dr. McBrearty and his staff members to effectively treat patients and get results quickly. If you find yourself wondering, ‘is there a soft tissue therapy near me?’ or are simply looking to get faster, look into McBrearty Chiropractic! This office is one that specializes in sport injury and rehabilitation. When you arrive at the office, you’ll be examined and your bio mechanics will be evaluated by the doctor. Once the root cause of your dysfunction has been determined, the doctors will review the anatomy with you and explain how your dysfunction can be corrected. When you have gained the ability to function correctly, the staff will then use a rehabilitation program to reprogram your nervous system so that your nervous system then functions with the correct biomechanics to maximize your physical abilities. By doing this you will gain the ability to run faster and perform better. To learn more, search “soft tissue therapy near me” in Google and find out why this chiropractic office located in Canton, Ohio is the highest and most reviewed chiropractor!