If you are looking for a feel-good chiropractic clinic to help with your foot pain, choose McBrearty Soft Tissue & Sport Chiropractic as your medical provider. Dealing with foot pain can be excruciating and you need a provider that can quickly assess and put together a treatment plan for your recovery. So please do not wait to get out of pain, call our office at 330-491-0381 or visit our website at www.yourartdoc.com. 

Many of us experience foot pain at some point in our lives. Some of us experienced it while competing in athletic events, others experienced it from going up and down the stairs. Whether you have experienced it while doing chores or playing sports, sometimes the physical demands we put on the body are just too much on our feet. Unfortunately, we never know how much is too much until we experience pain. So how can I get out of foot pain? Your first step should be scheduling an appointment with a feel-good chiropractic clinic that is an expert in mechanics. Oftentimes foot pain comes from poor biomechanics while running, walking, or doing other physical activities. In addition, it could possibly come from wearing the wrong footwear. So as you can see it is not always an easy answer when figuring out where your foot pain originated from. As a result of your body is a very intricate puzzle, this is why you should first consult a doctor before you do anything else. 

While you are waiting to be treated by a doctor at a feel-good chiropractic clinic, we encourage you to wear shoes around the house. Walking barefoot while experiencing foot pain can be very detrimental to worsening your condition. Walking barefoot can be a strengthening exercise for your feet, and if your feet are in pain and broken it is not wise to add more stress to your feet. You must first fix your feet before you can strengthen them. After you get out of pain you could feel free to walk around the house barefoot however until then please be sure to wear footwear. It is also possible that you were wearing inadequate footwear. The only way to know for sure if you are wearing adequate footwear is by seeking a medical professional who can evaluate your foot strike. Only then will you know if you are in the right footwear. 

A common theme we see in the summer months is people coming back from the beach with foot pain. Walking and playing in the sand is very tough on your feet. In fact, walking in the sand could be seen as doing a foot workout. Sand is not stable so there are small muscles in your feet that are working overtime when you are choosing to walk or play in the sand. We truly do not know exactly how the body handles particular types of stress until we put our body through the gauntlet. So please do not be discouraged if you are now finding out that you’ve been doing the wrong things. The only way to learn is to first fail.