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Lack of mobility among our patients is a very common trend as you get older. You would be surprised with how many patients call us because they are facing problems in their everyday life due to lack of mobility. Our goal at our clinic is to give and teach you the tools and principles that you need to have success outside our office. Our state-of-the-art equipment along with our ability to articulate what needs to be done is what sets up apart from other clinics that you may have previously visited. So please schedule an appointment with the correct chiropractor in Canton Ohio online so that we can fast track your mobility. 

Many of you may have heard of the word mobility but few will probably know what and why it is so important when we are discussing the movement. Your mobility is your body’s ability to move freely through its range of motion without pain. Some of us have mobility but we have pain along with it. An area of your body that is most common to have a range of motion, as well as pain at the same time, is in your shoulder. You may have heard someone you know groan while they reached for something on the shelf in the kitchen. Therefore the goal isn’t just to have mobility or range of motion it’s to have mobility and range of motion while not experiencing pain. 

So how do you increase your mobility throughout your body? Well, one way to do that is by stretching and lengthening the muscles in your body. You can do so by going through a static stretching routine that allows you to hold long poses where your muscles are being stretched. When you do this it should be slightly uncomfortable because you’re putting your body in a position that it is not accustomed to being in for a longer duration of time. The best times to do this is when your muscles and tissues are warm because those are the times where you have excess blood flow. So a good time for an athlete to stretch would be after they are done practicing or playing in a game. If you are not an athlete then you can still warm up your muscles by either taking a warm bath or shower or by walking a little. This will ensure that your body is activated and ready to be stretched. 

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