Do you have an arch in your lower back and are looking for chiropractors in Canton Ohio near you suitable to help you address this issue? Call Dr. Patrick McBrearty and his team at 330-491- 0381 or visit them online at where you can find out more about their office. 

If you have an arch in your lower back, it is most likely due to weak abdominals, weak glutes, a tight lower back, and tight hip flexors. Addressing all of these issues can be very difficult for someone who does not have a background in anatomy and physiology and is why McBrearty Soft Tissue & Sport Chiropractic is dedicated to helping those individuals with this issue. It is not an easy fix because you have to address all of the poor habits you may have created that have resulted in this arch in your lower back. Although, this issue is certainly fixable the McBrearty team believes that in order to get symmetrically set you must be patient and have the ability to create good lasting and sustainable habits. 

The first thing you must address when dealing with this arch in your lower back is how much you are sitting throughout the day. Sitting for long stretches can certainly make muscles inactive and ineffective at doing their jobs. It can also make certain structures so stiff and tight that you notice a serious decrease in range of motion. This is why it is so vital to make sure you are aware of how much you are sitting throughout the day so that your setting doesn’t contribute to the increased arch in your lower back. Another thing you must address is that your back and hips are flat while sleeping. Having your body in a neutral position while sleeping is important because when muscles are neutral they are neither shortening nor lengthening. This will ensure you do not place additional strain on structures they may be caught in an awkward spot for long periods of time. 

Finding chiropractors in Canton Ohio who can address all of these issues can be a hard task. That is why this office has dedicated itself to teaching the community how to take care of their body free of charge on their social media pages daily. They hope to reach the masses by providing the kind of expertise you and I need so that we don’t have to set up an appointment to see a practitioner for this issue. Lastly, if you are experiencing an arch in your lower back you must also strengthen your abdominals and gluteal muscles. After your body is on the mend following multiple appointments with the McBrearty staff you will be given a set of hip and core exercises so that you can begin to strengthen your body the correct way. 

If you feel as if McBrearty Soft Tissue & Sport Chiropractic is the one choice from the chiropractors in Canton Ohio for you when it comes to dealing with the arch in your lower back, reach out to them at 330-491-0381 to schedule your appointment or go online at to book your appointment.