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Whether you are an athlete or an everyday joe you are susceptible to spraining your ankle. In fact, our office sees as many individuals who sprain their ankles in non athletic events as they do in athletic events. Whether you are stepping off the curb, going down the stairs, stepping in a hole, or falling, a sprained ankle can be experienced at any given moment. So how can one prevent experiencing a sprained ankle? First, one should consider straightening their ankles with a workout routine. A lot of individuals that we see whether they play a sport or not, are individuals who lack mobility and stability within their ankle joints. Not only do these individuals fail to have a complete range of motion, but they also fail to have power and strength in that range of motion. So it’s not a one step process, rather it’s a two step process when it comes to strengthening your ankle.

However, if your ankle is currently sprained, strengthening workouts are not the most important things you should be doing. If you currently have a sprained ankle and it is still tender to the touch and inflamed, you should be icing your ankle three to five times per day while keeping your leg elevated. The ice will help decrease the amount of inflammation inside the muscle and joint and will also help out your lymphatic system to drain out the inflammation. In fact, a practitioner can’t even treat a sprained ankle entirely until most of the information is out of the muscle or joint. Another trick to dealing with a sprained ankle is athletic tape such as kinesio tape or rocktape. This type of tape has the same elasticity of skin and allows for greater blood flow to happen within the body area that is applied. It is not something that will seal or treat your sprained ankle alone, but it can still be a very good friend to have when dealing with a sprained ankle.

Have you just sprained your ankle and are wondering whether or not you should be wearing a brace? If you just sprained your ankle and are considering wearing a brace you should consult a physician immediately. Sometimes it is not wise to put an inflamed sprained ankle in a brace because it restricts the mobility of your ankle. One of the most integral pieces of the recovery process is establishing mobility. With that being said, we want to make sure you don’t lose any additional mobility due to wearing a brace. However if you have questions in regards to how the best chiropractor in Ohio can take care of your sprained ankle, please give us a call.