There are many moves well feel well physiotherapy tools that our office has to offer such as the ART and Graston techniques. Our Providers are certified in the ART (Active Release Technique) as well as trained and certified in Graston therapy. If you have been searching for a doctor who is certified in these areas, please call us at 33-491-0381 or visit our website at 

ART is the most utilized tool within our office. Patients are shocked after experiencing the positive effects of the technique after even just one visit. Everyone wants a move well feel-well physiotherapy technique that will keep them active in their daily lives and ART is that go-to tool. It is solely performed by a provider’s hands where they apply pressure on the soft tissue and apply resistance. This allows scar tissue to break up, muscles to release, and the encouragement of blood flow to the tissue. ART is not a feel-good message but rather a slightly more uncomfortable version where we like to say “it hurts so good”. If the technique is too much to bear, and if at any point it becomes too uncomfortable we can adjust our approach so that you can still get the optimal benefits of the technique. ART is a great way to discover and treat soft tissue injuries throughout the entire body. 

Being the only office that is trained and certified in the ART technique in Stark County, this certainly sets us apart from other offices. This is a move well feel-well physiotherapy technique that you have to recertify each year so your skills can be assessed and improved. This ensures that each doctor is properly utilizing this technique in the manner it was designed to be administered. This is our favorite part of treating a patient because of its effectiveness to get patients healthy quickly. 

Another move well feels well physiotherapy service we have to offer is the Graston tool. This technique allows the doctor to break up scar tissue or adhesions within the soft tissue so that your muscles can move pain-free through their full range of motion. There are many ways to treat soft tissue injuries, but we believe this may be the most underutilized and undervalued treatment for patients. The vast majority, if not all patients that we have seen and used this technique on, have highly benefited from this not so comfortable but necessary treatment. 

Some people have not heard of the Active Release Technique and are worried about how their insurance will cover their office visit fees. Most insurance companies cover ART as it is considered soft tissue therapy such as a therapeutic massage. If you think you would benefit from these move well feel well physiotherapy ART and Graston techniques and would like to try our unique approach call McBrearty Soft Tissue & Sport Chiropractic at 330-491-0381 or you can schedule an appointment online at