Neck Level 3

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Level 3 (Kneeling/Half-Kneeling) x Level 1 (No Resistance/Pattern Assistance)
Cervical Rotation – Half-Kneeling with Shoulder Flexion Extension with Pattern Assistance

Level 3 (Kneeling/Half-Kneeling) x Level 2 (No Resistance)
Cervical Flexion – Half Kneeling
Cervical Rotation – Half Kneeling
Cervical Rotation – Half Kneeling with Shoulder Flexion Extension

Level 3 (Kneeling/Half-Kneeling) x Level 3 (Resistance/Pattern Assistance)
Cervical Flexion – Resisted Half-Kneeling with Pattern Assistance
Cervical Rotation – Resisted Half-Kneeling with Shoulder Flexion and Pattern Assistance​

Level 3 (Kneeling/Half-Kneeling) x Level 4 (Resistance):

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