McBrearty Recommends

McBrearty Recommends:

These are products that Dr. McBrearty recommends to his patients to allow them to manage their conditions at home. Visit this page to learn more!

Chiropractor Canton Ohio Freeze Sleeve McBrearty Chiropractorr

The Freeze Sleeve is one of the most versatile tools for cryotherapy that Dr. McBrearty has found. This product allows you to utilize cryotherapy to manage your inflammation. The Sleeve is easy to put on and allows you to treat yourself while you are on the go! Be sure to use the Coupon Code: MCB20OFF to receive 20% off your order!

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Chiropractor Canton Ohio RollGA RollerC McBrearty Chiropractorr

The Rollga is one of the most versatile foam rollers on the market. It’s contoured shape allows you to get into the muscles of your body in a way that effectively breaks up adhesions and increase blood flow to the area. There is no comparison between the Rollga and a traditional Foam Roller!

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