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This content was written for McBrearty Soft Tissue and Sport Chiropractic.

Many individuals who are Physically Active succumb to IT band pain while exercising at some point. That is why it is important to have a trusted chiropractor near me who can help you eliminate such aches and pains when they arrive. so if your pain is too much to bear, contact our office at McBrearty Soft Tissue and Sport Chiropractic to hear about the solutions to IT band pain. You can contact us by phone at 330-491-0381 or visit our website at

IT band pain is experienced along your outer thigh and can be very painful. It is a very superficial muscle which means it does not take a lot of depth or pressure to massage this particular structure. One way you can manage this condition on your own before seeing a health professional is with the help of a foam roller. a foam roller has the ability to self massage the area while giving you the release you need. it might not fix the underlying issue, however it will allow you to go through your day without having to experience pain every step of the way. you can find a foam roller to manage your IT band pain at local grocery stores or sporting good stores. In addition, this tool can be found online on many e-commerce websites. to learn more about how you can use the foam roller the proper way call our office or visit our website for more information.

If you choose us as your chiropractor near me for the Canton Ohio area, it will most likely be because we have extensive experience with fixing individuals who are active. In this case this IT band pain often comes from being Physically Active. although it can come from various directions and ways we personally have seen if this injury arises in those who are more active as opposed to those who are not active. This injury may not be very complicated to fix, yet its possible that the time table for recovery can be quite extensive. The variables That decide your timetable for recovery could be how long you took to see a health professional after your initial discomfort or could be determined by a specific trauma you may have experienced while falling, etc. if you have experienced this injury weeks ago please do not wait any longer to consult a physician on how you can combat in treat this injury quickly. this is not an injury that you should wait to be seen by a doctor because it can worsen over time if not treated in the proper time frame.

If you are not sure if our services are for you, we ask you to kindly call us at 330-491-0381 so that we can answer any questions or concerns you may have in regards to your IT band pain. we understand that everybody wants Clarity and we will do our best to provide you with just that.

We ask you to kindly choose us as your chiropractor near me so that we can help you manage and extinguish your IT band pain. Please give us a call at 330-491-0381 or visit our website at to schedule an appointment with Dr. Patrick McBrearty.

This content was written for McBrearty Soft Tissue and Sport Chiropractic.

If you have visited the McBrearty Soft Tissue and Sport Chiropractic website after being redirected from chiropractor near me on google you may have come across the use of a lacrosse ball on our website. At our office we come across practical and functional ways you can use cheap and affordable tools that can help bring your body back to where it once was. If you would like to hear how a three dollar lacrosse ball can make a difference when it comes to healing your body please visit our website at or by calling us at 330-491-0381. We promise that you will be well worth your time. We look forward to receiving your phone call or inquiry online.

One might think how could a lacrosse ball help me manage my pain? Honestly our office staff would be surprised if you weren’t skeptical about this. When it comes to soft tissue injuries around the body we have come to the conclusion that a lacrosse ball is one of the most efficient and effective current tools we have found to help manage pain. The size and firmness of a lacrosse ball serves as a great tool to break up scar tissue and adhesions that the body could have laid down as a protective mechanism within the muscular tissue. With the use of this ball one can create a better environment with the tissue so that your body can naturally heal itself. In other words using a lacrosse ball frequently and consistently when attempting to break up scar tissue can be just as important as seeing the doctor while trying to get back to 100% of yourself.

Many chiropractors in the Canton area will not show up online when you type in a chiropractor near me. One of the reasons why is because patients are aware of doctors and team members who are unwilling to help them get to the next level when it comes to their well-being. This type of knowledge does not seem important until you experience the practicality that comes along with using it on yourself. Our office and team members at McBrearty Soft Tissue and Sport Chiropractic are committed to delivering an exceptional type of care through whatever means necessary. Whether you are able to visit us in person or you just follow our social media accounts online, we want to deliver the type of experience that will help you help yourself and help others.

So where can you purchase a lacrosse ball? One of those ways is by visiting our office where we sell lacrosse balls with our logo imprinted on them. You can also purchase one through amazon or any other retail giant in your selected area. In addition, you may have a tool similar to a lacrosse ball at home if you have a dog or a child. So before you purchase a lacrosse ball make sure that you do not have another item around the house that is similar to one.

If you believe you deserve a gratifying healthcare experience, be sure to book an appointment with this chiropractor near me so we can show you how to use tools like a lacrosse ball to better your health. If you would like to book with us call us at 330-491-0381 or visit our website at right now.