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This content was written for McBrearty Soft Tissue & Sport Chiropractic.

If you are looking for a chiropractor near me who can teach you how to utilize foam rollers in an appropriate manner, please contact McBrearty Soft Tissue & Sport Chiropractic with your questions. You can either contact us by phone at 330-491-0381 or on our website at

Over the past decade foam rollers have been implemented as good and services in grocery stores, sporting good stores, and online e-commerce websites. At first many people probably thought it was just a fad that was rolling through the market. However, after years of success the foam roller has become a pivotal and integral piece of recovery equipment when you are dealing with soft tissue injuries. Foam rollers used to be pricey because only a few companies used to create them for mass consumption but over the years many other manufacturers have picked up this product. The evolution of the foam roller has made it much more cost adorable for the average person and cannot be hidden at sporting events due to most people owning one. So if you weren’t sure whether to buy into the hype of the foam roller, we encourage you to join the club when it comes to utilizing one for your aches and pains.

It is difficult to find a chiropractor near me who is as dedicated to teaching there patients how to manage their pain and symptoms when not in the office. This is mostly due to the fact that patients are the lifeblood of health practitioners. So the general feeling and thought process is that the more educated patients become, theres more of a chance that they dont need to go see health providers any longer. Although, thats the general thought process of most health professionals that is not the way we look at it all. By providing you actionable knowledge we are giving you the tools to become whole again.

So what exactly does a foam roller do? Well in theory a foam roller is the hands of a massage therapist. You can use this tool to break up scar tissue, get more blood flow back to the damaged tissue, and you can use it to loosen up tissue before and after you workout. It ultimately serves as a massage therapist on the go. The best part is that you can control how much pressure you apply while doing so. Although this tool is not super difficult to use we believe in doing the right things the right way. With that being said it is why and we advise that you seek the help of a health professional before using one. Or you can go to our website at to watch a video on how to properly administer soft tissue release with the use of the foam roller. So if you’re interested in using foam rollers do not hesitate to contact us.

Choose chiropractor near me, McBrearty Soft Tissue & Sport Chiropractic to be placed on our schedule so that you can learn how to use foam rollers properly. You can contact us at 330-491-0381 or you can book an appointment on our website at today.