Yay round tools! This Chiropractor Canton Ohio at 330-491-0381 is finally going to discuss with you round tools for self massage and we are done discussing flat tools. info@yourartdoc.com is the email we use
clinic. for todays video we are going to start the Start the introductory videos to round tools for the most part we have discussed in very great in a lot of details within a lot of particles in post about all the flat tools that you can use for self massage on yourself or something. Today we have a very wide variety in the red of tools that we consider rotten tools that are better for a specific spots and scissor targeting and are going to be more beneficial if you know the certain area you need to work on or if you are more expert and more good and talented at self massage and it was actually the main tool one of them is a round table that we use here in our office for all your patience before they start their rehab and exercises. At this clinic
The main tool we have here that we use at this clinic is the lacrosse ball which is exactly what is sounds like. A small round ball most typically used for lacrosse. The sport. clinic Pools around tools that great if you have a seam that you need to separate within the muscles you can really use these to be specific and dig in there and get the seam separate and everything functioning and moving quickly as it should. Oh boy the rollga is a round tool not a flat tool whoops my bad. We have small ones, big ones, molded ones, soft ones, hard ones. Get your head out of the gutter okay. Self massage tools!!!
There is a very wide variety of different colors of lacrosse balls. Here alone we have a light blue a light green and orange or red
I think that’s all the colors that we have. But I know that you can have white and yellow actually I think we used to have yellow but yeah you can have white and yellow and cuz I’m a new are relatively cheap we charge them or the price we have them here is for 5:33 but I don’t know he probably going to pack on Amazon triloquist a lot or maybe more than that but you’ll probably get more We had a patient use an Apple for lacrosse ball because they didn’t have lacrosse player also don’t do that just by one will teach you how to use it and we have you use it before they are rehab sessions but every visit that you have of us here in office as a patient here with us as as chiropractor Canton Ohio we use lacrosse balls and holes in things are Jeeps that you can buy really easily so you shouldn’t have an excuse for not rolling ok
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Chiropractor Canton Ohio | Yellow rain boots

We have many tools here at this clinic including Dr. Emelias yellow rain boots. If you want to check those bad boys out for yourself in person, call us today to make an appointment with her 330-491-0381 or email info@yourartdoc.com theyre cool so dont miss out.
clinic So what is some stock self massage? Here in our office, we have a major amount of tools and thing that can be used to perform self massage on our bodies. so what is a sash as I stand here I have a ridiculous amount of tools here. Each tool allows us and you to massage a part of your body very specifically and strategically. And intentionally. You wanna make sure that you get all parts of your soft tissues so like you muscles, tendons and your ligaments to move cleanly and to be able to properly shorten and lengthen. Chiropractor Canton Ohio.
clinic. Self massage also allows us to stimulate better improved circulation and blood flow into the tissue that will allow our body to enter in the zen and totally hip environment that we love at this Chiropractor Canton Ohio that allows our body to better heal and recover itself which it is very good at doing if you give the time and opportunity for it to do so. Who’s that will allow you to do this many of which we sell here in our office so if your need in some in stopping and buy them from us or you can order them on places like dicks Target or amazon.com. Either great tools everyone should have and use frequently and often a better environment for their body to heal and work through and also to maybe prevent injuries in pain so I could come up in the future. clinic. Even if you’re not having pain now you could definitely use some soft tissue work and it will never never hurt you only make things better and more efficient and effective and keep your body moving smoothly and efficiently improperly and mechanically correct. So many tools. You could even use things that arent necessarily called self massage tools are that were quite even created to be used for that purpose but they will certainly do the trick an help at least a little bit
If you are practicing self massage frequently and properly and are still not seeing the desired results that you want to see then you should come see us people we are soft tissue specialists who can actually take the time to fix the problem and do it way way way way better than what you do on your own okay okay like comment share please we need followers. clinic.
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