With me pretty soft tissue & Sport Chiropractic your first choice and soft-tissue FEMA contractor Canton Ohio we will be at 807 30th Street Northeast Canton Ohio 44714. Please give us a ring at 330-491-0381. Uneven will get ready and get started to do with us here on Google is that we really want you to be able to meet all of our stuff we have a variety of it is and everything on our staff yet regarding soft tissue is part chiropractor, chiropractor Canton Ohio.

We just want to make sure that you know all of us to get to know all of us and where we came from her background that says one thing we will actually be starting and I should be going on to our website this one thing that we are very excited about exactly around if they are still at their student-athletes everything that they enjoy doing how they have gotten to where they are out today and for our doctors like more than squat or anybody here where they do go to school at what sports they play all the activities that they are in. We have quite a few athletes that have been in I’m not just as patient but also as employees here at McCready soft tissue and Sport Chiropractic this will be the chiropractor Canton Ohio that we do hire athletes here and you can come in we can work here and we’re very good at work around your schedule we do have ours that we do need to make sure that you are available for and put on the office hours for once again we do love hiring for athletes these are definitely if you want that we would like to get in here so you guys can actually be our voices on how well we can help treat athletes and any kind of patient but um athletes.

I know we’ve had a couple of athletes in here that we have helped they are running athletes we have helped them decrease their run times their mile times which is actually really really really amazing so we just really like to get out there in the community and. We just really want you to get to know us here at my Granny’s house dishes for Chiropractic chiropractor Canton Ohio we will be located at 807 30th Street Northeast Canton Ohio 44714. We are looking into open maybe another office sometime soon down the road so we will definitely be able to see you here all around the Akron area here before long Akron Canton area before long.

I want to go we will start to do is you know everyone will be able to meet and greet and get to know all of our staff here at mcbrearty soft tissue & Sport Chiropractic, your first choice in soft tissue treatment.Chiropractic chiropractor Canton Ohio you’ll be able to also go on to my website in view all of her stuff and where we’ve been for so we’ve done and pretty much how we got to where we are at today on that website I will be the address of www.yourartdoc.com.

Mcbrearty soft tissue & Sport Chiropractic, I really dislike everyone to come in and feel as a community in a family here whenever you are visiting with it you actually go in and ask any patient has been here with us that is one of the things that they do you like about her office a family-oriented we are so what better way to actually for everyone to get to know us then to put all of her information out there on the website and meet all of our staff MLB pitchers and their bio and just where they came from and how they got where they’re at.

CHiropractor Canton Ohio | Meet Our Doctors

Let’s welcome our new doc to the team here at chiropractor canton ohio, mcbrearty soft tissue and sport chiropractic. She will be at 807 30th St NE Canton Ohio. Schedule an appointment with her at 330-491-3081. Make an appointment online at www.yourartdoc.com. A little more about Emelia.

Emelia grew up in Canton Ohio and went to Central Catholic High School. While there she was a multi-sport athlete, her favorite being volleyball. Her senior year of high school, she was in a car accident that required her to go see a chiropractor for pain relief. She continued with care due to being an athlete with minor aches and pains. Emelia then attended John Carroll University and where she received her Bachelors of Arts in exercise science. While at John Carroll Emelia worked on the sidelines as a Student Athletic Trainer.

Emelia knew that she never wanted to be stuck sitting behind a desk all day at work. Being an athlete throughout her whole life she wanted to continue working with athletes to keep them on the field and out of pain. During college Emelia thought that she would pursue Physical Therapy upon graduation. During her senior year of college while shadowing in a physical therapy office she figured out that physical therapy was not the right direction for her. Emelia was still seeing the same chiropractor from high school and she was discussing with him what other direction Emelia could pursue with this degree. The doctor suggested chiropractic school, and in two weeks she had applied and been accepted. Emelia attended Palmer Chiropractic College West in San Jose. While there emelia participated in a wide variety of clubs and activities.

Make sure to come on in and meet Emelia mcbrearty soft tissue & Sport Chiropractic your first choice and soft tissue treatment this is chiropractor Canton Ohio. This will be located at 807 30th Street Northeast Canton Ohio 44714. You like to book an appointment with Emelia, please call us phone is 330-491-0381. You will also be able to schedule an appoint with her online here very soon web address well being www.yourartdoc.com.

CenturyLink what you need an appointment or just to see Emelia might be Bernie’s auditions for Chiropractic your first choice in soft tissue treatment this is your doc you’ll be able to help you out with any of your needs here and Canton Ohio please feel free to reach out let us know what your area of complaint will be and we will get you in and schedule an appointment with our new dog here at the Freddy’s off of you and Sport Chiropractic this will be at 807 30th Street Northeast Canton Ohio 44714. Be sure to come on in and don’t miss a chance to meet our new addition to our team our new doctor here tractor chiropractor Canton Ohio.