We are going to go into the flagpole stretch that we use here at my priority soft complete tissue and my Sport Chiropractic your first choice in soft tissue treatment, chiropractor Canton Ohio. our offices can be located at 807 30th Street Northeast Canton Ohio 44714 or phone number you can call us at 330-491-0381. Our phone number here at the office is 330-491-0388. www.yourartdoc.com.

The first thing you’re going to need to do is find a pool or something sturdy that has a straight stretch to it and you want to make sure that your body is parallel to this pool whenever you are starting the stretch And this is why it’s called the flagpole stretching you were actually going to be the flag you’re going to put one hand under hand Bottom of pool. the other hand is going to be overhead Is going to go across the body and then you are going to drop your back leg It is going to go behind your front leg. You want to make sure we’re in this position that both your feet are flat on the floor your front and the one that you move to go back to pick the criss cross.

The next thing I want to do is you’re going to use your bottom hand for you have on the pool to push the body away from the pool so your feet are still flat on the floor your hands are still on the pool you’re going to push your body away from the pool I don’t look like blowing away flag. I make sure that use square up your chest not word. we’re up in the push my body away from that I’m here because I’m trying to dry my hips for the next to me 3 seconds. Make sure that you do hold this stretch for at least 30 seconds you want to make something to relax and then go back into the stretch for another 30 seconds do this about four times and then you can even flip to the opposite side and do it from the opposite side as well.

Be sure to make an appointment with us at chiropractor Canton Ohio here mcbrearty soft tissue and Sport Chiropractic, 807 30th Street Northeast Canton Ohio 44714 would be our address. We look forward to serving you. once again make sure to reach out to us at 330-491-0381. You can email both of our doctors here at the office have an email you can grab those emails here at the office chiropractor Canton Ohio.

Be sure to reach out and get any more information would like about the flagpole stretch here at McGrady soft tissue and Sport Chiropractic your first choice in soft tissue treatment, chiropractor Canton Ohio once and located at 807 30th Street Northeast Canton Ohio 44714. Phone number 330-491-0381. Reach at www.yourartdoc.com.

Chiropractor Canton Ohio | Introducing the Sport Support Program

So I know we’ve already discussed on how they giving back to our program will pretty much work and what kind of reimbursement each school will get here open more about what we are doing and how we are actually getting this out into the public here at Mbrearty’s office on sport Chiropractic, chiropractor Canton Ohio. We are your first choice in soft tissue treatment.

So I know I already discussed little bit on how this will exactly work to get back program the $24 for new patients and will give the $10 for existing patient that would you have with s that are in school sports any kind of student-athletes that we have already on our books here if you do recommend us and give us new employee employees aware of that mean new patients that is on the $25 kicks in, the other thing we are going to actually get back for a sport physical so this is pretty much almost all sports in Ohio for high school I need to give a sports physical before they are allowed to start doing sports.

Lee Sports in pain anymore so we have at the high school level tennis soccer hockey Cheerleading Gymnastics soccer. One of these whenever you come in to get a sports physical we will also give back to your school is as well so be $10 that are given back and this right here we’ll just be put on the mother took that would you send out to school for this program. We are very excited about this program Hammer bratty soft tissue and Sport Chiropractic chiropractor Canton Ohio these trucks will be coming from mcbrearty the address will be 807 30th Street Northeast Canton Ohio 44714. I know I’ve already said this before but looking up any information that you would like to see me be at our web. Would be www.yourartdoc.com.

What are the practices are all very excited for this gift guide program I think it’s going to be really good for all schools around us I mean not only for you to come in and get treated and helped you with your running more posture or just standing throwing techniques anything like that, were you how people in the back will definitely also be able to make sure that you are lifting proper way and making sure that whenever you are lifting weights you are not putting too much strain on your body and actually looked in the correct light brightest auditions for Mcbrearty soft tissue and SportChiropractic, chiropractor Canton Ohio. we really want to be known as the Sports Authority Chiropractic and this is just one way for us to help get our name out there and to help out athletes and schools together.

Please reach I coming in at 807 30th Street Northeast Canton Ohio 44714. Calling at 330-491-0381. Or looking it up for yourself at www.yourartdoc.com.